One size doesn't fit all in most things... not in business and particularly not in your business.  We focus on what you're doing, what your customers are doing and most of all what you want to do.  Our goal is to help you achieve your goal, regardless of what it is:

  • Finding new markets for your existing products

  • Finding new products for your existing markets

  • Pinpointing problems in faltering business models 

  • Formulating solutions to business challenges

  • Helping you craft long term solutions to ensure future success

Whatever your challenge, we offer a set of fresh eyes, an objective perspective, and unvarnished advice & insights. We're not your employees, your shareholders or part of your management team.  We're outsiders... and that's the point.  Our goal is to provide you with insights and recommendations that you are unlikely to get from those with a vested interest in the status quo.  Even the best managers or entrepreneurs can sometimes find themselves in challenging situations, and an echo chamber rarely provides valuable feedback.  Whether your problem is a struggling product line, shrinking margins or you simply want to grow, Strategy Partners Group will provide you with insight and advice you can work with to craft your roadmap to success on your terms.  

Although we're headquartered here in Atlanta, we're happy to help whether you're in Baton Rouge or Boston or Bakersfield... Contact us today to get started.


Most consultants tell you about the grand adventures they've had and the seismic improvements their clients have made because of their spectacular actions....  With Strategy Partners Group I offer something a bit different.

Two examples of when potential customers did not take my advice.

In 2008 I started working for a company called Local Flavor in Alpharetta, GA.  At the time Groupon and Yelp were all the rage and the the world of online videos was like the Wild West where almost anything went.  Local Flavor sold restaurants on the idea of making videos and putting them online.  As a result of doing door to door sales in Atlanta and Cary, NC I was surprised to discover that restaurants were still paying Yellow Page publishers despite the fact that they were sure they were getting no return.  Doing some research I discovered that even in 2009 as Yellow Pages were mainly used as booster seats for children or were thrown away, the YP companies were still doing billions of dollars in revenue annually.  

Amazed, I approached two of the biggest companies, Idearc - which had recently been spun off from Verizon and R.H. Donnelley Corp about working with us.  Neither had any interest in working with us as Local Flavor or with a startup I later launched.  I vividly remember both responding that they didn't need any help... they were doing billions of dollars in revenue and they had their own plans for the future.  Well, Idearc went bankrupt in 2009 and Donnelley - rechristened Dex Media - has been in and out of bankruptcy five times since 2009.  

A second example deals with CPG - Consumer Packaged Goods - companies, makers of everything from cereal to candy to razors to shampoo.  In 2013 I started a company called BrandScanned.  The goal was to give CPG companies a tool to connect with customers and turn those customers into brand ambassadors and evangelists.  Basically CPG companies would put a unique code inside the packaging and users would scan the code when they purchased the item.  It was a loyalty app not unlike the Campbell's Soup label program that existed in schools when I was a kid.  Only with BrandScanned consumers could earn points and gifts from any participating brand, and they could engage family and friends to buy products to help raise money for schools, churches etc.  

The selling point was that consumers would not have to download a unique app for every brand they used, and it was a way to connect with consumers to get feedback, new product trial, brand reinforcement and drive basic marketing.   

I reached out to most of the names we're all familiar with from Nabisco to Campbell's to General Mills to Kellogg's to Mars, P&G and others.  The pitch was always the same... in the dynamic world of 201X, you need a tool to connect with customers so that you can divine where they are going and figure out how to serve them better.  

Although the rationale was different for each one, the outcome was similar in each case.  No!  Either it was "We're XYZ and our customers will download our app because we're great..." to "Hell no! I don't want to take a chance on anyone else seeing my customer data." to "No one's going to scan anything with their phones."  The result is that BrandScanned never quite took flight and after some time I shuttered it.

Since that time the most CPG companies have found themselves in rather trying circumstances as they lost touch with customers, faced new competitors and experienced execution or financial stumbles.  In February 2019 Heinz Kraft took a $15.4 billion impairment charge while in July P&G wrote down $8 billion from its Gillette unit.  And many others have had a challenging few years

The point of this isn't Schadenfreude... although in all honesty, there might be a bit of that... but rather to simply demonstrate that just because a company is generating a lot of revenue doesn't mean problems don't exist.  I can't guarantee that the offerings I proffered would have helped any of them avoid the pitfalls they've encountered.  However, I can say that in hindsight it looks like they would have been helpful.

Strategy Partners Group is Vince Coyner and a revolving cast of characters, depending on the circumstances.  Whether you have a staff of 2 or 2,000, we'd love to find out how we can help you.  Reach out to us now.  We look forward to connecting!  


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